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September 2017

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We find anything that is free of cost, Great. May it be free food, free tickets, free passes or anything free, we just love it. Whether we use it or not, if it’s free we will not leave it. But as soon as the thing comes related to money, like free money or free chance to earn money we become suspicious. Are free spin bonuses really that great? Our minds go in all the possible directions to think if that is really possible or is it just a bait? The reason we do this is because we have experienced and heard so many cases where we are fooled or anything like free money comes up with a catch.

Are Free Spin Bonuses Really That Great?

There is one more such case, called the Free Spin Bonuses offered by various games and casinos, are they true or just another way of fooling people?

Free Spin Bonus

A free spin bonus is a free chance provided by online casinos like the Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website to pull the reel on a slot machine and if you win, the money is yours. If you lose, you don’t lose anything as the spin was free of cost. These free spins are usually awarded to you when you complete some of their conditions or levels or something similar.

There are different types of free spins awarded by different casinos. Some are the ones which give you free spins just for registering on their sites without any banking details or anything. They just give you the spins so as to increase their customers. There are others who ask for some amount of money to give you a particular number of spins. For example, you may be asked to pay $ X and then you will be awarded Y free spin bonuses. These types of free spins are good to invest in if you are eventually planning to play in that casino. Another time you are given free spins is when you are an existing and loyal customer. For being one you are just rewarded with free spin bonuses.

How do you get the money if you win?

Well, the most important question here is this. How will you get the money once you win? There are some who pay the amount in cash whereas there are others who give bonuses in your account.

The one’s that pay cash allow you to withdraw the money immediately while the one that give bonus don’t let you withdraw the money immediately. They have conditions like if you win a particular amount of money then you will have to play again and make it to a particular amount only then can you withdraw the money from your account. These strategies are important because if they allow everyone to take out the money the people will just play the free spins and then leave the casino and the casino business will eventually run out of money and will shut down.

Great or not?

Well, the key to this question is information and details. Before playing or registering for any free spins get into the details and terms and conditions of the casino. Register only if you are completely satisfied and ready with the terms and conditions of the casino.

There are some casinos which ask you for deposit before giving you the winning amount. You need not play with that amount. This is just for security purpose which you can withdraw later.

Final verdict

Free spin bonuses are great if you are comfortable with them and not if you are not. It depends on you. If the company aske a lot of deposits before the bonus, it is useless because a free thing should be free and a bonus must be given as a bonus.

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