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July 2016

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Tennis is one of the sports played using the racket which one person can be played against the opponent and also the team contains two players. The players who are playing Tennis hold a racket which is made with the net like structure. Tennis can be played without proper training, but in case of competition professional training is must to win the game. To play this game there are certain rules to follow. Learning tennis is one of the famous games which lost of people like to play this that makes them more excited. Easily learn tennis professionally using the following techniques When playing the tennis the player will be fit enough and they will develop their physique.

Easily learn tennis professionally using the following techniques

Easily learn tennis professionally using the following techniques

Easily learn tennis professionally using the following techniques


Learning techniques for Tennis for the beginners:

  • As a beginner learning the basics is essential. Learning to do your backhand and forehand strokes, your footwork and your movements the right way is important in how good you will be at the game. The game of tennis is more than just hitting the ball over the net, although that is something tennis beginners should practice first.
  • Starting out you will have weaknesses that you will have to overcome. You will also have to learn strategies and tactics. One of the ways to do this is through practice and drills. It is only through practice that you can become a good tennis player. The drills help you to perfect the techniques needed to play the game. Below are some techniques that most be perfected when learning tennis.
  • The swing is important in returning a ball that is hit to you. Whether it’s a forehand or backhand, for a good swing you should raise your racket over your head and then the racket head is brought towards the ground then your shoulder. You have to meet the ball at the right spot. You don’t want to meet the ball all the way in front of you. You have to meet it with a full arm extension.
  • For an overhead shot you want to raise your racket head over the ball and come down sideways. Slicing through is the best way to hit an overhead shot.
  • The beginner tennis player should understand that your stance and footwork are important when waiting for the ball to be hit to you and returning the ball. When waiting for the ball to be hit to you stand with your knees with a bent for holding the rackets using two hands. When your opponent hits the ball turn to the side with one foot out in front with your knees still bent. Right-handed players if the ball comes at the right side, or forehand side, turn to the right side using the left foot in the front. In case the ball comes to backhand side or left side then you must turn to your left using the right foot out in front. Left-handed players just do the opposite.
  • When you are learning to serve you also need to learn how not to make fault while serving. When serving, lean forward and toss the ball up high while also holding your racket up. Then come down on the ball before it drops too low. Be sure not to lift a foot over the baseline in order to avoid getting a foot fault.

These are some of the more important techniques to know when you’re learning tennis. If you’re a beginner tennis player you can practice these techniques as much as you can if you plan to be good at this game. Hence by following the above techniques the beginner can become a perfect tennis player and they can win the game easily by getting more scores.

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