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Many people often ask themselves what these electronic games are, perhaps they have not just taken their time to know what they are. Electronic game are very interesting and luxurious to play. These are indoor games that can easily be played by just simply using our phones, laptops and even phones. The most common electronic game played are simple FIFA games installed in the phones or are just programmed to be installed in our laptops and desktops. They are usually found free in the phone’s play stores or bought from the programmers. These games are usually generalized as gaming console, gaming computers or handheld devices. The gaming consoles are always played by two or more participants, gaming computers played by either two or more persons or between an individual and a computer. The handheld is those played in our electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets.

Electronic games

Electronic games
Electronic games

These electronic games have several components that make them. For example, a video game has several components that make them. These components are further divided into human components which are then divided into creator in which there are game creators or the artist who produce the creative works. There are people who compose the music, sound through designing the programs, testing and much more concerning the graphics and art. These make the game so interesting to play.

 These electronic games have several advantages and disadvantages, it would not make any good effort discussing about electronic games without mentioning a bit of these merits and demerits. Online gaming is very interesting and very comfortable playing; it is very sociable playing with people either physically or online. These electronic games can be very knowledgeable where one may also use clever strategies to beat people. These electronic games also play vital role in the human body coordination as it helps improve eye-hand coordination when the participants engage in fast body movements and involvement of brainstormings. This also help improve one’s reaction and quick thinking ability as they tackle challenging games. Electronic games are much of fun and help create a feeling of comfort especially when one is exhausted. This can help relieve one from stress. Despite several pros of these games, there have been several criticisms amongst people that it has several negative side effects. Many of these electronic games take much of people’s time and thought and may isolate one from their friends and families as people tend to concentrate too much on these games. The electronic games are very addictive and time wasting as they take several of people’s hours that could be used to do other very productive jobs, this makes a drawback to the economy of one’s country. Apart from such disadvantages, electronic games may have serious health hazard to the individuals as the thumbs, eyes and even the waist may develop physical problems, this may encroach on the money to treat the affected resulting into increased level of poverty. Despite these games involving eye and joint movements, they may make people unfit as they don’t involve physical exercise. These games and their components are very expensive to acquire and maintain, electronic games also cause moral decay as people may meet at some of these playing stations and get involved in immoralities such as rape and theft cases with have significant loss to the economy as a lot of resources are spent in keeping off from such cases. These games also require sources of electricity which may be very expensive to install, some may also require some level of literacy among others.

Despite such criticisms, these electronic games remain much fun!

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