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November 2016

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The players created some interest by introducing some of the slot games that are mostly seen in movie theaters. Experience The Features Of Movie Themed Slot, Captain America Slot Game One of the slot games is from the Marvel comic book series that became a movie in different eras of Hollywood cinematic scene entitled Captain America.  The Captain America slot game is created for players to experience the excitement of the movie.


Playtech continues to deliver high breed online slot games and so far, they dominate the Asian market through the Malaysia e-game firms Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. The developers of Captain America slot game stick to their objectives on improving the graphical representation and animation for the benefit of slot lovers.

The main objective of this online slot game is to assist in battling the tough Chief of Weapons that continue to create scare on the whole world. The player can receive some great loads of prize symbols. The developers added some bonus slot games like Super Energy Free Games and Villain and Hero Super Spins. It contains some trigger prizes where the player could have 3, 4, or 5 values on the payline.

The Features Of Movie Themed Slot, Captain America Slot Game

Experience The Features Of Movie Themed Slot, Captain America Slot Game

Experience The Features Of Movie Themed Slot, Captain America Slot Game

Some outstanding symbols like the Super Soldier Dogs-Tags, Red-Iron Crosses, Captain America shields and Red Skull shields contains also high payout value. The prize range is between 15 coins all the way up to 2,000 coins. Among the top attacks under Captain America movie-themed slot game, the Super Energy free spins has the most number of triggered spins. That could be effect if the player has a free spin symbol on the 3rd reel while on the 5th reel contains the Red Skull symbol. It has also 4 free spins and have a chance to pick the 9 Shield symbol that comprise of free bonus features.

The package of free bonus feature in Captain America movie-themed slot game are 4 more free games available in Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android, additional plus 1 multiplier, free games re-trigger, Captain America Expanding Wilds and Red Skull Expanding Wilds.

The Super Spin also are divided into 1 Villain Spin and 1 Hero Spin. The Villain spin contains only just poker symbols, baddies symbols and Red Cross Expanding Wilds. Meanwhile the Hero Spins contain just goodie symbols, poker symbols and Captain America Expanding Wilds.


In order to grasp the essence of the features of this amazing movie-themed slot game, here is a brief background about Captain America.

Captain America is one of the most established fictional super hero that appear in several comic book series under the Marvel Comics publication. It was designed as super soldier who often fight the tough Axis Powers.

As time passed by, Marvel Comic publication decided to have its movie version and the latest one was incorporated under a group of super heroes so-called The Avengers. It received some bunch of movie gross cost 370.6 million dollars.


Captain America movie themed slot game in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website is a great game among the players who are thorough followers of this great comic super hero. No doubt that Captain America introduced some good characteristics that can serve as a basis on helping other people in any little way.

In playing this kind of online slot game, the developers are strict enough in delivering high standard of upgrading technological innovations. Captain America slot game embodies on its vision of high quality slot games. The experts believed that the Captain America online slot game will have newer versions that can be truly possess the high intelligence quotient like thrilling reels and high payline values.

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