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September 2017

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Answer this question: How to do card counting without getting noticed by the casino? Before you put your own skill to the test. Giving the inappropriate attitude or do the unacceptable action would bring you to the downfall. One of the reason to learn about the tricks is that no casino loves card counters. Thus, you should arm yourself with smart tips under your sleeves.

How to Do Card Counting Without Getting Noticed By the Casino?

1. Act Natural

Those punters who claim that he is a blackjack master must have known how to count card precisely, even with their eyes closed. Don’t get a big head after mastering this trick. Make sure bookies understand how to play smart and poor. The biggest mistake made by first timer black jack master is boasting and acting cocky. An intelligent punter knows when to do extremely well and when to drop the game.

Showing to the public that you can do all the tricks will only get you enemies. Isn’t it always better to suspect the person you hate as suspect than pointing a person you like? Using this psychological tactic, you should make friends with all the people in the Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. Again, remind yourself not to expose your ability as a card counter. In the end, the bartender will swiftly step to casino side than yours.

2. Control Your Greed

What makes a difference between a card counter and a regular costumer? The winning streak. No regular bettors could get lucky three or even two rows in a time. In this case, the only possible and logical explanation is this extremely lucky person plays tricks. With this thought in mind, you will be labeled and kicked out of the casino next time you visit.

Although it is difficult to control the passion to win the table, wise card shooters should also consider the longevity of their cover. If you get a hot table once, stop there and collect your coin. Claim your cash and find another table. This time, play modestly. When you do this trick, less people will suspect you of being a card counter. They will only see you as one lucky bettor.

3. Be Firm

The first time you hit the table, it is normal to slip to a mistake; looking at the cards, nervous gesture, etc. Doing these actions once a while is normal, but when a bookie does it too often, the staff’s eyes will set on him. There is no way he could ignore the sharp stare from the staffs and the other players. To deal with this condition, you must not hesitate. Make it look like a simple mistake, not a part of your card counting show.

How is it possible? By practicing again and again. Stay far from the real casino and repeat the tricks while playing with your friends. Try to look at the cards using your peripheral vision instead of direct glance. It takes some times to be able to do it, but you will lower the possibility of getting caught.

The utmost rule you have to remember is never be the center of attention. Your player seat is already monitored by the camera, staff and even the other players. Once you show your flaw, you will lose the money you bet. So how to do card counting without getting noticed by the casino? It is easy: act naturally and drop the card carefully.

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