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July 2016

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Lottery is a gambling activity that is loved by many and used in many places for a common purpose. Its origin is the casinos but has been diversified in use and purpose. Notably, LOTTERY AS A GAME OF CHOICE idea for collecting funds for the organizers and for projects that requires public participation. In view of his, lottery has and will continue to deliver on expectations as it is today because of the manner at which participants are treated in most cases.




In the government, lottery is used to fund public projects and also to finance campaign trails in most countries. It is a preferred way of raising capital as it guarantees participation. This is because of many friends and relatives who end up turning up for the occasion. Individuals who participate in campaign lottery are those who envisage benefiting once these people cling in to power. It is viewed as lottery because individuals buy lots in form of money that they contribute and expect to win awards after that through favors that they desire to achieve. When the government wants to implement certain projects and the treasury does not have enough cash, they may turn up to calling citizen of good wish to assist and this usually will be designed in manner that represents lottery. In this, the media will be used to inform citizens on the possible awards and how participants should contribute.

In the society, lottery is mostly used to raise money for the needy and for undertaking major projects that are of public interests. Committees are formed by the public and tasked with the responsibility of strategizing and implementing this idea to the last part. It has proved to be very instrumental and useful in such cases as everybody is deemed a potential winner. It also creates an entertaining environment to the society. People initiates challenges among themselves as to how much they have contributed and this raises morale for more contribution and adding flavor to the projects.

In learning centers, lottery has been used internally to cater for needy and bright students who suffer the disadvantage of poverty. All students and parents are called on for this occasion with the primary objective of raising cash for the specific students. It is organized by the school committees who represent parents during various meetings. In this case, lottery has always proved to be the easiest and most effective system of collecting funds in such cases. It is an added advantage that the authorities would not interfere with these activities because of their nature and purpose.

In the communities, the game is used to raise money for various purposes and also for entertainment. But mostly, it is for the purpose of the later. It is deemed to be the best way to help and uplift the lives of various society members who are needy of money and other resources. These resources include land and houses. But the fundamental advantage of this project is that people view it with the angle elevated towards having a chance to get back the money a person has contributed. Usually this may not happen and as such, it creates a lift between supporters challengers.

In all these areas, lottery has contributed its part and added enough value to the societies and therefore winning more awards than it normally produces to participants. It is therefore preferred in many projects and with the trend, it is clear that it may not be countered or challenged in the near future unless new innovations comes to the limelight or money from drug dealers who may offer the solutions every other time.

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