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Lottery in government projects is a money making undertaking and is suitable to raise any amount of money even in adverse situations. This is because it gives participants time to organize themselves and buy lots. It also ensures that the information required regarding the activity is passed across the potential participants on time. In the modern world, these activities mostly are use to fund political campaigns and more rarely to fund national projects. However, in the earlier times, lottery has been used to raise money for noble projects that have benefited everybody to this date.

During campaign times, government officials and the opposition in this period are always intending to raise significant amount of money and usually the money is not available at their disposal. However, they undertake lottery related events which they brand with various names with the sole purpose of raising cash. The people who participate in these events are mostly friend and relatives who belief in these people and would want to see them achieve their political goals. This ensures that later are able to continue funding various political trails and also to pay supporters. In return of this, the participants are supposed to write their names in a list so as to be considered in various appointments and given favors once these people attain these positions. At times when it is not possible for them to attain these positions, the participant normally gets frustrated and many problems arise. This idea is equivalent to the normal lottery where participant expects to win awards once they participate through buying of lots.



Lottery in government is also seen in cases whereby a particular person who is prominent or powerful is invited to other fund raising activities. Various people who are dedicated to these people will always want to participate with this person in attempt to buy his favors. This method will always work because most of them will eventually cling into powerful dockets courtesy of their participation. This can be regarded as corruption but it is lottery to the highest order possible. In live, people cast lots and many are those who get rewarded. It is not different to cast lots in this manner as there are always different ways of trying individual luck. In cases where people are looking for promotions in the government, there are always attempts to buy these positions by doing activities that are similar to lottery.

It is clear that lottery is real and prominent in the core section of many governments. As the whole reason of lottery is to rise money for particular projects and these projects may be diverse in nature and this creates the different angles of lottery. It is acceptable to allow lottery activities if the reason is noble. As such, it would be advisable for the authorities to allow lottery activities in other places so as to enable other groups of individuals to enjoy this facility as it offers them a chance to get entertained as well as earn and add value to their lives. It is encouraged for the government to undertake these activities to raise money for noble projects that can benefit the common person. It is notable that it has happened in previous times and even if the authorities are always trying to discourage gambling, it is unavoidable as most of the life affairs entail gambling. As known by many, gambling is investing in that whose results are not known. And to some, it is a game that is played with specifications and in certain environment usually casinos. In this, we see that lottery is any gambling activity that involves buying lots and hoping to win awards.

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