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LOTTERY IN THE CHURCHES is a gambling affair that requires participants to invest in high hopes to win a certain award. Mostly, the possible awards are known and participants wishes to win the highest award possible. The awards are differentiated in terms of prices and value. With this, the game is assured of flavor and participation is increased. Everybody who participates in lottery games is a possible winner and the probability of winning is always assumed to be equal. Most interesting is the number of people who wishes to participate bearing in mind the possible awards that are available



The strength of lottery lies in the affordability of the lots and the number of people who are able to participate. It is important to note that usually, lottery is organized to raise money for a particular project or activity. In most cases, the amount required is huge and that’s why a big number of possible participants are always advisable. This method has been used over time and it has proved to be very efficient when it comes to ensuring that a huge budget is met. It is a method that can be distributed across days and months of selling lots to participants and setting a day for the draws and the grand draws. This attracts more people in the venue thus increasing the number of possible participants. In as much as time is concerned, it can be prolonged to the longest time possible. By doing so, it enhances the collection ability and this can turn to be a very efficient way to meet any budget that a particular church wants. It is very interesting to find this activity being conducted in the modern churches as one of the known ways of raising money.

In the modern church community, lottery has been used to raise more money than any other method. Lottery has been implemented to raise money for various projects including and not limited to educating needy and promising young children who sometimes are disadvantaged in many ways. There are various reasons why lottery is preferred among many churches in collecting money. It ensures that people will be able to see some value coming back to them and even if it does not go back to all, it is seen as having gone back to them and that increases their desire to participate in future. That means that lottery is becoming more popular in churches and the future is brighter.

Interesting about lottery in churches is that the authorities will always turn a deaf ear but if it is done in other places, it is seriously supervised and regulated. In churches however, there is nothing that is given to the government and this makes the beneficiaries to enjoy all the benefits of that project. In this case and environment, there are various advantages that make it a cash cow for the organizers and the project can last as long as they deem it possible. It therefore has the capacity to collect money in multiples of what may be needed in actual fact. Mostly, the grand draw and the mini draws events are intermixed with other fund collection activities to top up the figure if it has not been met or sometimes, to become a surplus of the amount needed. This surplus is used to perform other projects in the future or may be used to extend on the same project it was meant for.  It is good to note that the method is suitable in various areas but it is not legal to use it on commercial purposes and governments will always regulate and tax the figures put in the draws.

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