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July 2016

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Modern world of Sports are activities that people undertake for the purpose of fun or to create wealth. This is one of the oldest activities present today. It has gone through levels of change due to advancement of techniques and changing requirements over time. Different types of sports have been played in this world and this means that the world has never and will never fall short of game activities. Today there are more games than were present a hundred years ago. Creativity and innovations can be attributed to continue addition of games in the field. As more games continue to be added in the sports grid, there are those that will either be eliminated or improved to meet the standards of the modern world.

Modern games are characterized by high level of sophistication and high degree of flavor. These games ranging from field games to indoors games continue to become better due to public demand and participations. Players play a vital part in ensuring that they will always be able to meet the expectations of their supports. The players are therefore tasked with a heavy load every day in view of the next game. This creates an environment that is busy for them. It calls for total dedication and talent for a person to survive in the modern world of sports.




The technical bench is the component that is most pressed when it comes to performance. All the blames will definitely go to them. They take responsibility of the performance particularly the coach who is seen as the dream carrier. Any moment supporters feel disappointed with the performance of the team, they will throw the blame to the coach first before they get to other technical bench members. This shows the level of competence and guarantees a person in this part of the team must offer. This state has made numerous people quit sports and some becoming excellent in this field.

The sponsors are the next team members very important towards the realization of the objectives as they are tasked with the responsibility of motivating and coordinating all efforts towards actualization of the team mission. They are seen as the core vision carriers and the strategist that will see the world of sports to its next level. Without this team, it would have been difficult to attain the level we are at today in sports. They have brought significant value to sports and they continue because that is a passion to them

Modern sport continues to be subjected to numerous challenges well due to strict competition forcing players to opt to other methods of increasing the level of their performance. This has led to serious confrontation between various organs of sports in the manner these issues are handled. Some players have opted to use performance enhancers thus raising serious questions on the integrity of the sports world. Corruption is another menace that has always threatened to bring sports down due to critics and haters. It is worth noting that sports calls for individual talent and capability and not through other means that turns a person to behave in a manner that he is not.

If modern world will continue to enjoy the best of talents in this world, something big needs to be done to save the face of the sports industry and to re-ignite individuals towards having a positive perspective towards sports. This would increase talent exploitation and enhancing through means that are acceptable and proper. The idea of picking players because they come from certain families leaves a lot to be desired and that has made many talented and gifted players’ loose chances they deserved and continue to deserve.

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