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September 2017

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Since this game is commonly found in online casino games site, Dragon Tiger is the recommended media in making money. The bettors have to know the rules and the strategies of this game. Here are Money Making Tips for Live Dealer Dragon Tiger.

Because Dragon Tiger is one of casino games that invented in Cambodia, South East Asian and gain its popularity among Asian. The closest definition about this game is combination of Casino War and Baccarat at the same time. The system implements baccarat betting and has the principle of Casino War. There are two games that used in this game, it is Tiger and Dragon. The game is as simple as a gambling game.

Money Making Tips for Live Dealer Dragon Tiger

Placing bet on Tiger or Dragon

This is the basic suggestion in the game dragon tiger from The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. This will help the bettors who does not want to play the using strategies or card counting. It has bets 3,17 percent for the house edge and regard as the lowest from all betting possibilities. Keep in mind to place a bet on Tiger Card or Dragon Card. If you do that, your wining chance is increased because both Tiger and Dragon card have the higher rangking card. Of couse, the bet will be more worth it.

Placing bet on Tie is bad step

Placing bet on tie will make players big buck. The bet usually pays 8 to 1. The players are always interested with this option. But, the bet of house edge is 32,77 percent. The bettors have to stay away or rethink about the decision. This is the simple reason why bettors are rarely win on this bet.

The calculation is like this. The possibilities are 86,320 hand combination. 6488 are the suitable ties of the outcome, it means the bettors have 79,872 chances to lose in the game. Moreover, only 1456 outcomes is suited to the tie.

Implement Suit-based tactic.

Mostly, live dealer dragon tiger rely on luck. Luck is the most important factor in Dealer Dragon Tiger. However, it does not mean that there are strategy for this game. Keep in mind to watch which suits have been dealt more often by the players. Creating a note and calculation on the number of how many suits are used and how many decks have been used. It will be best step to bet on the club suit, if the club suit has been used the least after.

Counting Cards is usefull in Live Dragon Tiger.

There are only few cards involved in this game. It means that players have simplicity to count and identify the number of the cards. Keep an aye opened on the 7s have been dealt. If other players have 7s in a game, it means that you lose your bet

Live Dragon Tiger is one of the game that is popular in Asia. We do not know the exact time when this game is booming on the casino game in the world. If we learn the rule of the game and stay on the track with Money Making Tips for Live Dealer Dragon Tiger, the bettors will gain the benefit.

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