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September 2017

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In term of betting action, football is the most popular sport in the world. It is not surprise that experts try to study and review about what aspects can create a team scored first. Many betting sites provide betting in first goal scored. There are many examples on first goal scored. First team to score, first goal scorer, and time of first goal are the example of soccer first goal. Must know information when betting for soccer first goal is the crucial thing. If bettors do not concern with it, they will get huge loss.

Must Know Information When Betting For Soccer First Goal

Must Know Information When Betting For Soccer First Goal

Must Know Information When Betting For Soccer First Goal

Last Team Performances

You can improve your chances by looking at performances on team in the last at least five matches in odds checker sites like Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets. For example, in this early season, Liverpool scored the goals in first 30 minutes. This fact can be a source for bettors to analyse it.

The Enemies

Sometimes bettors ignore this aspect moreover against the bottom four teams. They underestimate the team and consider it as a little obstacle. Statistics noted that bottom four teams can take advantage on big teams even though the frequencies is not big. The teams take control over the game since the first minute.

The Line-Up Prediction

The bettors have to concern how many players injured on that match. Is he the key player? Is he the play maker of the team? If so, pay attention on your betting. It is good for you if the key player of the enemy team get injured. This is your time to increase your bet.

Pay attention on your line-up team. Sometimes, the players do not show the best performances. Take an example Liverpool Superstar, Philippe Coutinho. He is a great player, but his problem after the crucial transfer would effect on his performance. The Liverpool players would question his commitment on team. It would affect the team performance. One or two players cannot trust him anymore.

Moreover, your teams schedule is important. If your team is not only playing in one league, then the manager will consider rotating the players. For instance, in this match Real Madrid against one of the bottom four teams and in the next match, El Real play in European Champion League against Juventus. The coach will put youth players in the line-up.

The Comeback

The ability for team to comeback after they fell behind the goal is the focus of this study. If you think both of the team is approaching the bore draw, this data suits you. The best teams over takes the percentages of win probabilities while the worst team struggled on it. The 1-4 placed teams in the standings has probability to comeback from a 1-0 deficit only 27-percent of the time. Meanwhile, teams that finished in bottom four of the table went on to comeback only 64 percent of the time.

If you want to take a chance into the ‘soccer first goal’ this season, find out much information about the match. Must know information when betting for soccer first goal guides you to take the advantages.

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