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November 2016

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Manuel Peter Neuer born on 27th march 1986 is a German footballer playing for Bayer Munich and Germany national team. Neuer is the best goalkeeper at present. He is goal keeper and vice captain for two teams that he play. He has some extraordinary skills such as quick reflexes, accurate control and excellent shot stopping abilities and because of these extraordinary skills he is known as sweeper keeper. He has won consecutively for three years as the IFFHS World’s best goalkeeper award and is known as one of the most potential and best goalkeepers of all time. He also got Golden Glove award for his best figures in the tournament.

There are many people who say that he is the best goal keeper football has ever seen after Lev Yashin. This shows how good he is in his game and his excellent performance. In 2014 he had occupied the third place in voting for FIFA BALLON D’OR only after Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. In 2014 he got ranked as the third best player by the Guardian. There are many skillful goal keepers in the world such as Oliver Kahn, but comparing him with Neuer is little absurd as many believe that Neuer is of different species and has talent which no other goal keeper ever possessed.

Neuer is the best goalkeeper at present time in football

Neur is the best goalkeeper at present

Neur is the best goalkeeper at present

In the present football scenario, the strikers have become pretty fast and more fit because of which it is getting tough for goal keepers. The most important thing about Neuer is he acts as extra defender sometimes which is very unique and helps his team win matches by stopping some unbelievable goals. If you are a football fan, then definitely you would know about the skill of Neuer wherein he throws the ball with his hands with extreme force and to great distance. This is absolutely amazing, as no other goalkeeper can throw the ball that far from where he is standing. In this throw also there are two types, one is through aerial and other is through ground. He can do both of those and as per the situation he will look at it and adapt based on it.

Neuer is the best goalkeeper at present from Bayer Munich

If you have been a fan of him, then you would know the situations where in he does score even on penalty shoot outs which are pretty awesome. There are many times he participated in it and he has made many goals in it too. There were many instances when he did run almost near to the goal post of the other team. This was an insane example as no other goal keeper even dare to come out from the area where he is to stand. But, Neuer will come to opponent team goal posts and will be passing the ball like a striker to their team mates to make the goal. He was the reason for goals in many crucial matches by stopping some extra ordinary goals as well as well as throwing few passes which led to successful goals. If he is in the team, then he will make sure to give in everything for the team. There is a lot of passion that we can visibly see in his game play, which shows even his dedication and this is enough for a player to achieve success not only in this game, but for life time.

He manages to stay fit for most of the matches which is a gift for Germany national team and Neuer is the best goalkeeper at present as a player like him cannot be replaced by anyone. He manages to stay fit by working hard in gym and having a good diet which is why he performs so well. His confidence in himself is clearly shown when he moves from his actual spot and runs towards opponents goals to make it easier for their team members. These points are the indication that, he is the best goal keeper world has ever seen.

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