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November 2016

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When it comes to a sport like football, skill and passion have always been proven of utmost importance. Without these two factors, success of a young footballer cannot be guaranteed. Keeping this in mind, one of the most skilled and passionate football players one can think of is Oscar is a player who makes a great impact on Chelsea.

Born on 9th September 1991, Oscar do Santos Emboaba Júnior, prominently known as just Oscar, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for the Brazilian National team and the English club Chelsea. His father passed away in a car crash when he was just three years old. He is a practicing catholic and prays regularly before all his games. He believes that praying to god brings a sense of peace to the mind before playing. The youngster came into limelight as a great playmaker and an on-field tactician.

He represented Brazil at the under-20 level at the 2012 Olympics. He even represented the country at the senior level. Not just this, his remarkable three goals during the 2011 U-20 World Cup final against Portugal got him a notorious reputation. He was the first player ever to score a hat-trick in the above mentioned tournament. His performance in the U-20 World Cup compared to 1966 hat-trick by Geoff Hurst was the only second time a single player alone scored three goals in a World Cup final match.

Oscar is a player who makes a great impact on Chelsea

Oscar is a player who makes a great impact on Chelsea

Oscar is a player who makes a great impact on Chelsea

He started his career at Sao Paulo in 2009, but left the club following irregularities in his contract by the club. He then joined International, where he showed immense skill and continued to climb the ladder of success. His skills and performances both sighted from both domestic and international football, the renowned English club Chelsea, signed him for a fee of 19.35 million British Pounds. He played his debut match for the team on the 19th of August 2012 by coming in at the 64th minute, for debutant Eden Hazard in the opening game of their 2013-14 season against Wigan Athletic. Following great performance, he then became known as a good starter as well, and started many games for Chelsea. He has won many times the title of Man of the Match for the club he represents. Under his reign in the club, the club has been almost undefeated. Scoring superb goals in almost every match, Oscar has ruled over the clubs without much competition.

He is a midfielder and plays at all the three midfield positions behind the central striker. Also known as a tactical player, he dribbles the ball fluidly and negotiates great skill and thought upon passes. For this reason, he became Chelsea’s primary playmaker. He shares the midfield positions with the likes of Juan Mata and Eden Hazard. He is a part of Roberto Di Matteo’s creative midfield triumvirate; formed by the trio. His skillful playing has drawn football critics to compare him to the likes of generation greats Mesut Ozil and Kaka. He is a good strategist proven by his skill to rightfully pick players to pass the ball at in tight and tricky situations. His ability to put pressure upon the opposition made him one of the favorites of Coach Jose Mourinho.

He is now known as the ‘Catalyst of the club’ for his chance forming ability. The amazing footballer has been bestowed with many honors. These include the FIFA World Cup All-Star Team honor in 2014. The Chelsea Goal of the Year has also been given to him multiple times—in 2012-13 in the match against Juventus and in 2014-15 against the Queens Park Ranger. Overall, Oscar has played a vital role in bringing Chelsea to the high position it has occupied today.

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