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All Things to Know about 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest events in sports games industry. Millions of soccer fans are looking forward to this major tournament to happen. All of the biggest stars in soccer sports are competing with each other in this huge soccer tournament. This year, FIFA World Cup 2018 is currently ongoing and is scheduled in Russia. As a fan of soccer game, knowing some information about this tournament is very important to know. So if you are not that familiar with FIFA World Cup 2018, all things to know about 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will be discussed below.

All Things to Know about 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


All Things to Know about 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
All Things to Know about 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

This tournament is the 21st FIFA World Cup.2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is contested by the national teams of the member associations of Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA. Russia was awarded to host this event on December 2, 2010. This is the 1st FIFA World Cup in Eastern Europe and the 11th time that has been held in Europe.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is the most expensive FIFA World Cup with estimated cost $14.2 Billion. In this tournament, 32 national teams including the host team of Russia are going to compete with each other. 64 matches all in all will be played in 12 different venues in 11 cities in Russia. The final match will take place at the famous Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow City in Russia.


Russian government proposed 13 host cities: Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Volgograd, Sochi, Saransk, Samara, Saint Petersburg, Roztov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Kazan, Kaliningrad, and Moscow. On September 29, 2012, the final choice of host cities was announced. It was reduced to 11 cities and the number of official stadiums was also reduced to 12 since Krasnodar and Yaroslavl were dropped from the list.

Official stadiums

Here are the 12 official stadiums of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia:

  • Kaliningrad Stadium
  • Kazan Arena
  • Luzhniki Stadium
  • Spartak Stadium
  • Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
  • Roztov Arena
  • Saint Petersburg Stadium
  • Samara Arena
  • Mordovia Arena
  • Fisht Stadium
  • Volgograd Arena
  • Ekaterinburg Arena

Cash prize

On October 2017, the amount of cash prizes were announced. Here are those:

  • Champions – $38 Million
  • Runners-up – $28 Million
  • Third Place – $24 Million
  • Fourth Place – $22 Million
  • 5th to 8th Place – $64 Million
  • 9th to 16th Place – $96 Million
  • 17th to 32nd Place – $128 Million

Effect in the online sports gambling industry

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia also has a huge effect in online sports gambling industry. One of the biggest sportsbook websites in Malaysia called QQ828 will give huge rewards because of this tournament. This world cup rewards promo from the top Malaysia sportsbook site will be given to all of its lucky members. 3 of those will receive different huge rewards and the other 400 winners will also receive some certain amount of rewards.

You have to keep in mind all things to know about 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia for you to have a broad idea about this major tournament in soccer game. By simply knowing some important details about 2018 FIFA World Cup, your knowledge about soccer sports game will surely increase.

Common Mistakes when Playing Online Slot

A slot is a famous casino game which gives simplicity and easiness. Since this is a simple game, you do not need to learn many strategies to win in a slot game. Pick one strategy and you will get wins in this game. Even though bettors learn many strategies, bettors still do common mistakes when playing online slot game.

Common Mistakes when Playing Online Slot

Common Mistakes when Playing Online Slot
Common Mistakes when Playing Online Slot

Rely on Luck

Luck is one of an important attribute which has a great role in an online slot game. Once luck is on your side, it will help you to win a lot of cash. Luck will give you shortcut to the game. No one can stop luck in a slot game.

Relying on luck in the slot game is not 100 percent good step. It happens because nobody knows when luck is on your side and no one knows when luck goes away from you. On specific circumstance, you play with luck and get wins, but, in the next round, you get lost over and over and it seems that luck is not on your side anymore. Therefore, you still have chance losing much money when you rely on luck.

Bad Bankroll Management

When novice bettors of any real money e-games betting site with free spins plus huge prizes and bonuses play for the first time, they dream that they will get some fun and win a little money. They forget and ignore managing bankroll. They just only want to have fun that is why they don’t even notice that they are spending a lot of money.

This is the most common mistake in playing online slot game. You should set a budget of money that you can afford to play in an online casino game, especially slot game. Then, you should stick to it and do not permit yourself to be tempted with any situation.

Another issue is that bettors cannot handle their bet. They place a bet based on their mood. If they lose over and over, they will place a bet in big number. It occurs because they are curious why they cannot get wins. So, we suggest that you should plan your single bet. Then stick on it.

Ignore RTP number

Novice bettors do not know the power of RTP. They do not see RTP as the important element when they choose slot game. Novice bettors only see interesting features, graphic, and sound in a slot game. Not all slot game with interesting graphics and sound have a great number of RTP.

Return to Player (RTP) is a payback percentage that you can get every time you win the game. If you play in a game with RTP 96 percent. It indicates that you will get 96 dollars from your 100 dollar bet. How about 4 percent? The four percent indicates the house edge number. The higher RTP is, the smaller house edge is. So, do not underestimate the power of RTP in a slot game.

Hopefully, the example of common mistakes when playing online slot above will reduce your doubt playing slot game. Slot game will give different experiences. Do not waste your time and chance in the online slot game.

Benefits of Multi-Table Betting in Online Casino

One of the best things in online casino websites like Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia is that a player can play in some multiple tables games at the same time. By doing the multiple games, the player can increase the number of hands so that the player can make more money in every hour. Here is some information about multi-table betting. The benefits of multi-table betting in online casino will be discussed as well below.

Benefits of Multi-Table Betting in Online Casino

Good Things of Multi-table Betting

When the player plays in more than one table, it helps the player to play more straight forward. It reduces the temptation to take an action and play with too many hands. Overplaying by using too many hands will make player spend much money over time. Playing more tables makes the player sees more hands, so that the player will be less inclined to play with many hands and see a greater number in different table.

The player should not overdo the amount of the games that is played at once so that the players can maximize their experiences. After having similar situations come up again across the tables, the player can start to have an idea about how different spots work out. It allows the player to avoid the unprofitable situation.

Furthermore, each player can know quickly who the regular players are.  If there are some same faces in the same table, the player should take a note and watch the other players carefully. If the players want to win, they should avoid playing in too many hands against those players.

Multi-Table Betting Improve Player’s Profit

In the tournament, player can work out on how much money that has been earned during the game. Those is done after the tournament because to player will work out the return of investment (ROI). Therefore, playing more games increase the chance to earn more money.

For example, a player has 15% ROI in $50 sit and go tournament which is $7.50 for each games. If the player plays for 10 games in an hour, the player will earn $75 per hour. Now, if you play the multi-table games at a time, the player can play around 20 games in the same hour. It means that the profit will be more than the previous.

Many people argue that playing the multi-table betting is not a good choice for the best poker game. Actually, they are true. However, let us see the example again. Please imagine that the ROI has reduced by a third so that the player only has 10% or $5 per game. Doing the 20 games in an hour means earning $100 for an hour. That is different with the amount of every single hour playing the games. Rather than joining many tournaments, doing the multi-table betting will increase the profit quickly. Therefore, take time to realize on how much you can get by doing the multi-table betting.

In short, by doing the multi-table betting, the player will earn more money than doing a single game. In spite of any arguments, the benefits of multi-table betting in online casino is very tempting.

Effective Tips that You Can Use in Blackjack

Blackjack is undeniably enjoyable casino game. The shouting, the laughing, high-fives after the table winning are just addictive. This game absolutely becomes more fun when the odds are in your favor. So, to make this card game even more intoxicating, see the list of effective tips that you can use in Blackjack below.

Effective Tips that You Can Use in Blackjack

Read and understand the rules

It is no longer surprising to see many players sitting at a table without knowing the rules of the game. The rules cover many things to follow during the game, such as how much the bet is and how and what to do particular things in the game.

Don’t fall victim by coming to the table without having decent background knowledge of Blackjack. Make sure you come to the table with the standard rules of the game. Check how much the minimum and maximum bet you can place in each hand is, learn how to do double down and in which cards you can do that and how to do the split as well as how many times it can be done –to give you some examples. To add some more, you may find it useful to find out what options can be chosen early or late in the game.

All the data above are gathered to give you ammunition to set the correct strategy for winning the game, unless you want to make your playing time ineffective. To give you an example, doing double down is a smart way to increase your chance to win while lessening your risk of losing your bet even when you have not seen the first two cards. Imagine you do not know the rule of doing the double down; you are just keeping on raising the risk of losing your cash.

Find out the basic strategy and time

Effective tip is made for evoking effective performance. Here, your effective performance is impossible to happen without your understanding on the Blackjack’s basic strategy and time. It is kind of the calling card of Blackjack.

If you are able to play with the right strategies, the best odds of Blackjack are more likely to be in your side over time. Although it is called basic strategy, this thing can really contribute significant difference in the game and it has proven by an infinite computer simulation.

So, hit that 12 and 13 against a 2. Split 8s against a 10 even in a cold streak. To play against 9, 10, or ace, hit soft 18. One more, reject the even money for this game.

There are still plenty of basic strategies for Blackjack. Learn the ones stated above and start to develop the others. One thing to bear in mind when learning the basic strategy is to be disciplined, always. Practice your game at Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia for free or real.

Effective tips that you can use in Blackjack are simply reading and understanding the rules and also finding out the basic strategy and time. From those steps, you can later start to develop the advanced ways to increase your winning chance.

Things to do to Win Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game where players need to compare cards against a dealer. This card game is so popular as it’s also fun. As in any game, you need to master things to do to win blackjack, so your time dedicated to this game is not useless and you will get the prize you want. So, here are the tips:

Things to do to Win Blackjack

#1 Start learning the basic

Everything we do starts from the basic one and so do this game. Before you decide to join this twenty-one game, spare some time learning the basic strategies. Start understanding the strategy by going over the explanation of how to play it and what important elements are like the value of the cards. If you think you’ve reviewed the information often enough, do refresh your memory before starting the game so you won’t miss any small and important things.

By doing the review, you will have decent background knowledge about the game. From there, start to develop your strategy and plan some scenarios along with your backup plans. Plan a strategy and scenario for both hard hand and soft hand. Plan a scenario for splitting the cards and how to make most of the value of your cards.

#2 Find a friendly dealer

Remember that playing blackjack, even though you play with many players, is not a game against another player. You are against the dealer. A dealer can influence how your casino experience will be, either pleasant or frustrating.

Therefore, build a good relationship with your dealer and be nice to them. Avoid all rude words and put your frustration and anger away from the table.

You can also leave some tips, which is also known for “toke”, for them. Dealers work for tips, so they also need to be nice to you. However, appreciating their effort won’t make you broke.

#3 Prefer the online Blackjack

Both online and offline blackjack work in a same way. However, not only is it more convenient for you, it is more profitable. Most of the casino sites providing Blackjack such as Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia offer a welcome bonus upon your registration. Although the welcome bonus differ at one site to another, it can be up to 100%, 200%, or even more of your first deposit.

So, for example, you put $100 as your first deposit, your money will be doubled, tripled, or even more. So, the higher the first deposit, the higher the welcome bonus will be.

By earning this welcome bonus, you will have more bucks in stock to play more Blackjack rounds that may be your winning moments. So, why don’t you move to the online casinos and claim your bonuses?

Those three tips above are not the only tips or strategy you need to apply when playing the Blackjack. Instead, we have selected the top three things to do to win Blackjack for you. Put those three tips in your checklist before kicking off the game and see how it works out for you. Good luck!

Understanding Live Sports Betting

Gambling comes in many shapes and sizes. Casinos are one of the most popular kinds of gambling. After that, there is Live betting or Live Sports betting. The main point of the live betting is that, you can place your bets whilst the game is going on or running. Live betting does not include the bets placed before the game begins. Understanding live sports betting will be discussed furthermore.

Understanding Live Sports Betting

In simple words, live bets are those bets that you can place while the game progresses. There is a different method for calculating “odds” during the game progression. Your profits are calculated by the odds of the game.

Understanding the Workings of “Live Betting”

As discussed earlier, “Live Betting” works as the game progresses. You can bet on any kind of games such as Basketball, Hockey, Football, etc. The odds in live betting change rapidly. Therefore it is advised to place your bets before the odds change. Live betting is also called “in-game” betting, “in-running” betting or simply in-play wagering.

Here is how Live Sports Betting works in a nutshell:

  • The bets are placed only when the game is in progress.
  • The bets are placed via “quick mode bets” or any other name given by the website for the bets.
  • Also, there is sportsbook for example at QQ188asia.com the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. This where the bets are placed for the ongoing game.
  • The odds are calculated in a fixed pattern. The profits you earn though betting are always based on odds.
  • Since the game is running and is in progress, the odds for any given game changes rather quickly. Place your bets before the odds change to make maximum profits out of Live Sports Betting.
  • To place your bets for a game, you will have to log into your account on the betting website. If you do not have an account, you can simply create an account in a few minutes with any website which promotes online betting.
  • The sportsbook used in Live Sports Betting is based on an algorithm which calculates odds by comparing probabilities of the past games played.
  • Live Betting is far more engaging than previous forms of betting as the betting odds change within seconds. A gambler will have to hunt for the perfect bet during any game.
  • Also, before you can place your bets with the website for an ongoing game, you need to know that there are fixed odds before the game begins. Every game before beginning will have a fixed set of odds, which change as per the progression of the games.
  • The “Sportsbook” is programed in such a way that it can keep up with the rapid turn of events in any game. The sportsbook gives you updated odds every now and then. And you can place your bets accordingly.

To Summarize our Understanding Live Sports Betting

Live betting is a way of betting on ongoing or progressing games. A program, widely called “Sportsbook” is used which calculates the odds by pitting various probabilities together. Your earnings will always be based on the odds. Another thing to observes and remember is that Live Sports betting, as the name suggests is done whilst the game is being played. Therefore the odds change extremely fast.

Live Sports Betting has changed the traditional betting on sports into a live in play betting. The rapid change in odds keeps the better on their toes and makes them hunt for the perfect bet.

Money Making Tips for Live Dealer Dragon Tiger

Since this game is commonly found in online casino games site, Dragon Tiger is the recommended media in making money. The bettors have to know the rules and the strategies of this game. Here are Money Making Tips for Live Dealer Dragon Tiger.

Because Dragon Tiger is one of casino games that invented in Cambodia, South East Asian and gain its popularity among Asian. The closest definition about this game is combination of Casino War and Baccarat at the same time. The system implements baccarat betting and has the principle of Casino War. There are two games that used in this game, it is Tiger and Dragon. The game is as simple as a gambling game.

Money Making Tips for Live Dealer Dragon Tiger

Placing bet on Tiger or Dragon

This is the basic suggestion in the game dragon tiger from Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. This will help the bettors who does not want to play the using strategies or card counting. It has bets 3,17 percent for the house edge and regard as the lowest from all betting possibilities. Keep in mind to place a bet on Tiger Card or Dragon Card. If you do that, your wining chance is increased because both Tiger and Dragon card have the higher rangking card. Of couse, the bet will be more worth it.

Placing bet on Tie is bad step

Placing bet on tie will make players big buck. The bet usually pays 8 to 1. The players are always interested with this option. But, the bet of house edge is 32,77 percent. The bettors have to stay away or rethink about the decision. This is the simple reason why bettors are rarely win on this bet.

The calculation is like this. The possibilities are 86,320 hand combination. 6488 are the suitable ties of the outcome, it means the bettors have 79,872 chances to lose in the game. Moreover, only 1456 outcomes is suited to the tie.

Implement Suit-based tactic.

Mostly, live dealer dragon tiger rely on luck. Luck is the most important factor in Dealer Dragon Tiger. However, it does not mean that there are strategy for this game. Keep in mind to watch which suits have been dealt more often by the players. Creating a note and calculation on the number of how many suits are used and how many decks have been used. It will be best step to bet on the club suit, if the club suit has been used the least after.

Counting Cards is usefull in Live Dragon Tiger.

There are only few cards involved in this game. It means that players have simplicity to count and identify the number of the cards. Keep an aye opened on the 7s have been dealt. If other players have 7s in a game, it means that you lose your bet

Live Dragon Tiger is one of the game that is popular in Asia. We do not know the exact time when this game is booming on the casino game in the world. If we learn the rule of the game and stay on the track with Money Making Tips for Live Dealer Dragon Tiger, the bettors will gain the benefit.

Reasons to Maintain Good Money Management in Slot Games

As we all know, the slot game is one game that does not require a lot of tricks. Besides, it does not need a lot of tricks; this slot machine game also does not require a high capital value to start and enter into the game. Most probably wonder how the slot machine game may not require much capital while this game gives more to the winner. Here are some  reasons to maintain good money management in slot games.

Reasons to Maintain Good Money Management in Slot Games

Well here’s why gambler or bettor should know the best thing about playing a slot machine game, with a little money at the start of betting a player can win more than their expectation. Of course, this slot machine game made as most favorite game worldwide. Slot machine game that usually available at the casino this time can be accessed by anyone online, so the game is growing steadily in an amazing way.

In playing slot machine games, it is widely known that the primary opponent of the player is the machine itself so players are expected to perform special tricks that can be used to defeat the machine. Indeed, this game in general only relies on player luck and intuition owned by players. However, it is not impossible if certain ways can be a special strategy to beat the slot machine-like keeping the bet low.

This strategy can be used to defeat slot machines offline or online at Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website by managing the player’s money amount at betting. Most players were usually reckless in a bet. They bet without considering either good or bad. Though the way it will disadvantage the player.

Slot games are played by opening up a small price opportunity and then gradually a player can make an increase in the amount that released. Why is this process necessary in playing slot machine game?

Of course one of the reasons to maintain good money management in slot games, good money management in a game will help gambler or bettor to stay sane and rational while playing. Sometimes an unwise person uses up his money and loses faster than those who are wiser. From here, it’s important to understand how good money management can unlock the player’s pace to a greater victory.

How to set it up? Of course by determining the amount of money that must be spent throughout the game. Start with a small amount first, and then the slot machine will double it, making it twice as much. If lost in the first try, it does not matter because the capital value is small. Gambler or bettor can try to replace the bet in the second experiment with the same value. After several trials of the same value, gambler or bettor is allowed to raise the stakes gradually, with this strategy expected, the next victory or defeat will not disadvantage the player.

The money that a bettor or gambler cant issued may be arranged in such a way as the player needs. But there will be a moment where the gambler or bettor can raise the money amount at the same time is when the game is thought to be issued a jackpot. Players must be intuitive and thorough, to determine the steps of the game and master the game pattern. Why is this very important? Because all of this strategies are one of the tips used to win the game that can only be won by luck.

How to Do Card Counting Without Getting Noticed By the Casino?

Answer this question: How to do card counting without getting noticed by the casino? Before you put your own skill to the test. Giving the inappropriate attitude or do the unacceptable action would bring you to the downfall. One of the reason to learn about the tricks is that no casino loves card counters. Thus, you should arm yourself with smart tips under your sleeves.

How to Do Card Counting Without Getting Noticed By the Casino?

1. Act Natural

Those punters who claim that he is a blackjack master must have known how to count card precisely, even with their eyes closed. Don’t get a big head after mastering this trick. Make sure bookies understand how to play smart and poor. The biggest mistake made by first timer black jack master is boasting and acting cocky. An intelligent punter knows when to do extremely well and when to drop the game.

Showing to the public that you can do all the tricks will only get you enemies. Isn’t it always better to suspect the person you hate as suspect than pointing a person you like? Using this psychological tactic, you should make friends with all the people in the Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. Again, remind yourself not to expose your ability as a card counter. In the end, the bartender will swiftly step to casino side than yours.

2. Control Your Greed

What makes a difference between a card counter and a regular costumer? The winning streak. No regular bettors could get lucky three or even two rows in a time. In this case, the only possible and logical explanation is this extremely lucky person plays tricks. With this thought in mind, you will be labeled and kicked out of the casino next time you visit.

Although it is difficult to control the passion to win the table, wise card shooters should also consider the longevity of their cover. If you get a hot table once, stop there and collect your coin. Claim your cash and find another table. This time, play modestly. When you do this trick, less people will suspect you of being a card counter. They will only see you as one lucky bettor.

3. Be Firm

The first time you hit the table, it is normal to slip to a mistake; looking at the cards, nervous gesture, etc. Doing these actions once a while is normal, but when a bookie does it too often, the staff’s eyes will set on him. There is no way he could ignore the sharp stare from the staffs and the other players. To deal with this condition, you must not hesitate. Make it look like a simple mistake, not a part of your card counting show.

How is it possible? By practicing again and again. Stay far from the real casino and repeat the tricks while playing with your friends. Try to look at the cards using your peripheral vision instead of direct glance. It takes some times to be able to do it, but you will lower the possibility of getting caught.

The utmost rule you have to remember is never be the center of attention. Your player seat is already monitored by the camera, staff and even the other players. Once you show your flaw, you will lose the money you bet. So how to do card counting without getting noticed by the casino? It is easy: act naturally and drop the card carefully.

5 Things To Know About Cricket Betting

Professional bettors considered Cricket as one of the best sports that is perfect for online betting. This game has the ability to create lots of wagering opportunities to its entire casino player. Because of this, it becomes highly popular in most casinos all over the world since you can constantly bet and adjust the match winning odds. In this article, you will find out the 5 things to know about Cricket betting that will serve as your best guide if you are new to this casino game.

5 Things To Know About Cricket Betting

5 Things To Know About Cricket Betting
5 Things To Know About Cricket Betting

What Are The Important Things You Need To Learn About Cricket Betting?

  • Different kinds of Cricket betting. Choosing this sports as your choice in sports bet will provide you two option to choose from. These are odd betting where you play against the odds and the spread betting which is considered as an advanced type of Cricket betting. At online sports betting sites like QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookie there is spread betting your score is pre-determined from fixed number wherein you will commonly guess the right number. On the other hand, odd betting the score is determined through multiple numbers given to a team that offers a negative or positive prize as you win.
  • The weather. Another great thing you need to know about Cricket betting is the weather which is essential in terms of placing your bet. In this case, the pitch can easily identify to change the conditions of the weather. Some bettors choose hard pitches because they believe it is more advantageous and has the chance to win big prizes. Meanwhile, some players considered wet pitches as very disastrous most especially to those fast bowlers.
  • The performance of wicket keeper. Most of Cricket matches has wicket keeper were positioned behind batter that catches the edge ball. Therefore, you should analyze wicket keeper to learn if they perform well in the match. Through this way, you easily determine if you will win or not. This will guarantee you that your Cricket betting is worthy and expect to win its prize.
  • The bowlers and team. Both bowlers and the team are important factors in this casino betting. It is because you can determine the amount and type of bet you will choose. If you think that the field is sloppy then for sure, you are missing your ball. That is why it is recommended not to place a higher bet on this option. You can choose spin bowlers to avoid any risk or opt with edge catch or stamp out to improve your chance of winnings.
  • The rules. Another essential things you need to know about Cricket betting is learning its rules. Through this way, you will have the opportunity to speed up your betting and at the same time know how to settle things right. The rules of this game will provide you enough knowledge to play properly without committing any violations and win the game.

Fire Up Your Game Play

With the right knowledge on Cricket betting, you will learn its basic where you can empower your betting. Learning rules, understanding its formats, choosing the right team and analyzing the weather conditions and pitch will ensure you that you will have good insight about this game. This will provide you the assurance that you will receive positive outcome in every match you join. Thus, you have the opportunity to have great leisure time that you will surely love the most.