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September 2018

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Tons of players are interested in Sic Bo Odds, Rules and Where to Play Online. The old Chinese gambling game is recently regaining its popularity in many countries. The main reason is the simple game and the bigger winning odds. Then what should be prepared before joining the bet? Read this article to know.

Sic Bo Odds, Rules and Where to Play Online

Sic Bo Odds, Rules and Where to Play Online

Sic Bo Odds, Rules and Where to Play Online

The Rules In Sic Bo

Before you join an online casino site like casinoonlineqq808 top casino live gaming website in Malaysia, you must know that it is very essential to learn about Sic Bo rules. Only then, the players could play in ease and really enjoy the game. Otherwise, the players might lose more and get lost in the middle of the game. Since no one wants to experience such event, pay attention to the following information.

  1. The Setting

In any bars, Sic Bo has certain setting. The dealers will hold three dice and a small cup. The cup will be used to shake the dice in it. As for the table, there are several boxes on it. In each box, the players could put their bets. The minimum number is based on the agreement between the players. Even when there are several different Sic Bo table, the setting won’t sway too much from the previous information.

  1. The Winner

It is easy to determine the winner. Place a bet on the table. The note above the box shows what kind of combination the players predicted. For example: three faces of six or two faces of three and one face of four. The dealers then shake the dices. If the prediction matches with the dice shown, the player is the winner.

Play Sic Bo Online

Instead of going to the land based casino, players nowadays prefer to play Sic Bo Online like in casinoqq801 best live Malaysia casino site & online betting games, accessible from their personal phone. Is there any difference when playing online? The right term might not be the different rule, but various betting option.

  1. Big Bet

The players must be sure that the total combination of the dice facing upwards falls from 11 to 17. However, if the dices shows three of a kind, the bet is not valid anymore.

  1. Small Bet

The sum of the bet falls from 4 to 10. The rule is similar to the big bet; no three of a kind. Otherwise, the players automatically lose.

  1. Odd Bet

Similar to the big and small bet, the players must be sure that the total of the dice eyes are odds number. It could be 5, 7, 9, and so on.

  1. Even Bet

Another option is playing the even bet. If the players predict that the dice will have even number after total calculation, then go ahead with the guts.

  1. Dice Combination

The players will win the bet if the dice shows the predicted combination. Keep in mind that the dealers and the players must agree on the number. For example: 3 and 6.

There is no need to think twice before betting in Sic Bo games. By calculating the chance, the players could get huge bonus in the end. Don’t spend too many times to break the dice rolling secret. Even those who have learned Sic Bo Odds, Rules and Where to Play Online cannot find one!

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