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November 2016

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Basketball offers and exciting way for bettors to try and earn a profit with the handicap and money line betting in basketball. If you are basketball freak and want to bet without losing, then you need to learn some basic bet types that are important for basketball betting along with the basketball betting system. Understanding the system is essential.

Basketball betting system:

Few sports activities are appropriate to wager on than Handicap basketball betting in Best Online Sports Bookie website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. It is an easy game for even the most informal sports fan to grasp. There’re a variety of methods to gamble on basketball, all of which are very handy to understand. Possibly the most common basketball wager entails betting a point spread. You don’t always have to predict the winner, you are simply wagering on how many factors your preferred team will win or lose by.

Another universal basketball wager is under or over, or total. Here the bookmaker sets a total quantity of factors that both the teams are believed to score in a match. The punter either bets the teams will score under or over the envisioned total.

Information about the handicap and money line betting in basketball

The Handicap And Money Line Betting in Basketball

The Handicap And Money Line Betting in Basketball

Money line basketball betting:

The simplest market for a bettor to understand the value of the bet would be money line market which is common and simple in The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. In this type you just have to place a bet on a certain team to win the game.

Money line odds; Boston Celtics vs. Utah Jazz

Boston Celtics: 3,440

Utah Jazz: 1.364

The above-given example shows, that the Utah Jazz is the favorite to overrun the Celtics. If you pitched in $ 10 on Jazz, you would $ 13.64 in return. The profit would be $ 3.64. Hence, you would have lost you $ 10 if Celtics won. If they would have succeeded in the game your return would have been $ 34.40 including your $10, for which you profit would have been $ 24.40.

Handicap basketball betting:

Once you apprehend how to wager on basketball the usage of the money line, making a bet on the handicap can turn out to be a treasured tool when one team is heavily favored over their opponents. With handicap basketball betting, to counter the perceived bias in ability, Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets provide a handicap to level the playing field.

The handicap quantity (displayed as both + or – a value, such as +7.5 points) is factored into the closing score to decide the game’s result for the reason of the bet. This means that the handicap end result is on occasion one-of-a-kind from the actual result.


Golden State Warriors:   (+7.5) 2.050

Indiana Pacers:   (-7.5) 1.862

If pacer won (100-96), the bet on the handicaps would have been a loss. The reason they started the game with -7.5pts, therefore this score will be subtracted from the final result. So the actual match outcome would be in favor of warriors 92.5 minus 96.

If pacers had won the game 104-96, the result would be 96.5-96, this means pacers would have still succeeded. This is called “covering the handicap”.

Total basketball betting:

Over/under or total betting are the same just different terms. This is actually a bet on the combined score of the game would be over or under a set amount.

Total Odds; Sacramento Kings vs. Miami Heat:

Over 215.5: 1.962

Under 210.5: 2.110

If $10 is wagered on the game to be over 210.5 points, the result would 116-98 (the added total of 214 points). $ 19.62 would be your return and the profit $ 9.62. If the total score was waged under 210.5 with the odds of 2.110, the bet would have gone down the drain.

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