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November 2016

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The Nurburgring Nordschleife, A dream Racetrack for every race driver, Nurburgring is one of the biggest Formula One race circuits in the world and has a capacity of 150000. The race track is situated in the town of Nurburg, Palatnate, Germany.  As per Formula One driver’s request, the race circuit was made straighter and reduced the corners over time.

The corners were criticized by most of the Formula One racer drivers for its lethal bends. In 1970s, The circuit authorities have built the new track with some of the additional challenges to enhance the thrill of the game. Though, it was built with utmost care, it was still criticized and had to conduct the race on the old track due to its corners and bends. Additionally the marshals around the circuit were inefficient and less in number. This makes the race even more critical by not handling the facilities properly.

Race in 1976 and its after effects

Niki Luada, one of the best racing driver till date has an unbeaten record of completing the lap of 22830 meters in less than 7 minutes. Lauda was worried about the race and its facilities, as marshals were absent around the circuit. By having a fair vote by other Formula One drivers, the race continued in a rain storm. A few sections of the circuit were lethal by its wet surface, but other parts were normal. Niki Luada was a popular and an efficient driver in his Ferrari vehicle, however, he was left with a major accident and was badly burned. The accident was so fatal that he burned most of his face, despite he was saved timely by other fellow formula one drivers. NIki Luada was right in the case of marshals around the circuit, who were not qualified enough to handle such situations. Most of the other Formula one drivers blacklisted the circuit in 1976.

The Nurburgring Nordschleife, A dream Racetrack for every race driver

The Nurburgring Nordschleife, A dream Racetrack for every race driver

The Nurburgring Nordschleife, A dream Racetrack for every race driver

History and memories of the Race circuit

Nurburgring is an attraction to visitors as it bears a lot of history. Most of the drivers prefer to learn and practice in the circuit because of two reasons, its history and the challenge it offers. The Race circuit attracts visitors and drivers, as it has no blanket speed limit. General crowd would not be able to complete a full lap of 21Kms, as the car needs to slow down and pass through a pit lane which is very narrow.

On a busier day, some of the experienced race drivers end up completing a lap including the Grand Prix circuit. Though, it is very rare that a driver takes part by buying tickets. There is a set speed for general crowd and crossing a certain speed is completely forbidden and results in voiding the race track if found.  In any case of not abiding the rules and accident happens, it is the driver who will have to take up the responsibility of cleaning the mess. In these cases, the insurance for the driver will be cancelled and the entire damage has to be borne by the driver himself. General accidents which are well within the range of rules will be handled by insurance companies and will turn out to be a great relief for the visitors.

Some of the worst accidents in the history of The Nurburging Nordschleife.

It is rare that accidents take place despite all the measures. Most of the possible measures would be taken to avoid any kind of human loss in the race. Apart from the race day, there are some fatal accidents happened during the other days. General public will not have much knowledge and any deviation in following instructions will lead to an accident and there are all possibilities of occurring a human loss.

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