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October 2017

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Blackjack is a card game where players need to compare cards against a dealer. This card game is so popular as it’s also fun. As in any game, you need to master things to do to win blackjack, so your time dedicated to this game is not useless and you will get the prize you want. So, here are the tips:

Things to do to Win Blackjack

#1 Start learning the basic

Everything we do starts from the basic one and so do this game. Before you decide to join this twenty-one game, spare some time learning the basic strategies. Start understanding the strategy by going over the explanation of how to play it and what important elements are like the value of the cards. If you think you’ve reviewed the information often enough, do refresh your memory before starting the game so you won’t miss any small and important things.

By doing the review, you will have decent background knowledge about the game. From there, start to develop your strategy and plan some scenarios along with your backup plans. Plan a strategy and scenario for both hard hand and soft hand. Plan a scenario for splitting the cards and how to make most of the value of your cards.

#2 Find a friendly dealer

Remember that playing blackjack, even though you play with many players, is not a game against another player. You are against the dealer. A dealer can influence how your casino experience will be, either pleasant or frustrating.

Therefore, build a good relationship with your dealer and be nice to them. Avoid all rude words and put your frustration and anger away from the table.

You can also leave some tips, which is also known for “toke”, for them. Dealers work for tips, so they also need to be nice to you. However, appreciating their effort won’t make you broke.

#3 Prefer the online Blackjack

Both online and offline blackjack work in a same way. However, not only is it more convenient for you, it is more profitable. Most of the casino sites providing Blackjack such as Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia offer a welcome bonus upon your registration. Although the welcome bonus differ at one site to another, it can be up to 100%, 200%, or even more of your first deposit.

So, for example, you put $100 as your first deposit, your money will be doubled, tripled, or even more. So, the higher the first deposit, the higher the welcome bonus will be.

By earning this welcome bonus, you will have more bucks in stock to play more Blackjack rounds that may be your winning moments. So, why don’t you move to the online casinos and claim your bonuses?

Those three tips above are not the only tips or strategy you need to apply when playing the Blackjack. Instead, we have selected the top three things to do to win Blackjack for you. Put those three tips in your checklist before kicking off the game and see how it works out for you. Good luck!

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