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July 2016

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Since, 1949, the World Men’s International Volleyball Championships of Men’s Category, has made significant development. In 1964 Olympic Games, it was officially included. It created a universal attention and led to technical and tactical developments which resulted in a new era of modern volleyball. In the 50’s Soviet Union and Eastern European countries led the results and in supremacy. In the 60’s Japan won the World’s world Volleyball World Championship. In the 70’s Japan, China, Korea and South Korea and other Asian team jumped up the ladder and quickly changed the technique of play known to the world. In Latin America, Cuba through their women players brought the attention towards them and helped to make rapid progress in US Women’s Volleyball.

The early 1980’s brought a situation, where there was hardcore confrontation between top 5 women volleyball teams of Japan, Soviet Union, Cuba, China and US for top positions and overall supremacy.

Volleyball Championships of Men’s Category

From the volleyball situation, the Soviet team of tall and strong players continues to lead. But teams like Bulgaria, Romania, Cuba, China, Poland, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Italy, South Korea and other teams were comprehensively trying to improve the technology to fight for supremacy.

Contemporary world volleyball techniques, tactics of the characteristics and development trends:

In the technology front, currently there is nothing new to offer, expect some new methods like the teams competing use the long distance remote floating ball i.e., lob the ball and thus sabotage each other strategy to soft padding the ball and undermine the fast attack tactics. While in passing, training time had increased and in the technology to “cushion the ball”, improved technology has reduced any kind of errors.

Other small but important strategies came into and perfected to get the upper hand in time of confrontation.

Like: 1st break in continuation in certain steps using variable steps and change to jump to adapt to tricky situation, 2nd is to break the various degree of restrictions, which requires fastball and hit both the buckle storm’s hands, 3rd is to break the constraint of spikes, change the direction of approach and do fast and positive running attacks, 4th is to be on the offence to break 3:00 limitation. These are nothing but increase and develop the points of attack from rear to the front and increase the depth of attack.

Volleyball Championships of Men’s Category

To block the ball from coming over the net, Outrigger Technology is applied, where arms are used by stretching it straight over the shoulder with a simultaneous high jump, to attack fast break high technique is used. Sometimes a single person is used but it requires precise timing both for blocking and for the attack. For attack, one need a combination of both the technique but instead of blocking it is slamming the ball over the net. Sometimes blocking is done in combination using the outrigger technology, with 2 or more defenders at the net. In the back row defense, the emphasis is placed on a variety of defense technology and the continuous development of new technologies, such as the development of cross-rolling shoulder roll defense technology and a variety of block ball technology.

Today’s Trend

Type and high storm as the main body to fight are two major European-based styles. With the strengthening of international exchanges and technical and tactical development of the two styles constantly learn from each other, each is used to gradually narrow the differences between them, tend to blend with each other, combine both. Some teams also according to their specific conditions and carrying forward the original basis of expertise, learning a new play, created their own unique style.

The Asian-based team plays in the succession of rapid development under the premise of change, efforts to improve the storm penetration capabilities. The European-based team has been improving storm level, the positive lessons fast break play. Volleyball technology trend perspective, relying solely on height and strength, or simply rely on speed and skill, are hard to beat a strong opponent. China’s strong teams are from their own conditions, absorb the long, insist on the height and speed, storm combined with the fast changing and developing their own unique play.

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